Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush

I've never been such a fan for blush, but when i got myself one the addiction began. Now i cant keep myself from them. I got The Dream Mousse Blush in soft plum and loved it. And then i got the peach satin which was not the best decision i made , all because i fell in love with soft plum, all it had was glitter, bought it online BTW, and did not realise it would be glittery and its not even peachy for crying out loud :( I know there are alot of reviews about them already, so another one probably wouldn't hurt right!!

 So these are the swatches:
 The 1st one is soft plum and the 2nd peach satin

What i Love about these Mousse blushes, They are so light and so easy to use, u dont need a brush to apply them although i use one.  And they are cheap Rs 205/-. Makes it a good blush for those buying their 1st blush.
I guess the Peach satin would look good on those with a fair skin tone. And the soft plum is a versatile colour, many can carry it off.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hashmi Kajal

Alright, so all of us have been caught up with the controversies of this Hashmi Kajal. When i saw this on Urban Touch, i was so excited that this brand was from Pakistan, well, i had to get my hands on it, and im aware of how Pakistanis and Arab women get those dark gorgeous eyes,  i thought- this must be what they use. Dint take long to see how some girls started posting things about how hashmi has been banned because of the lead content in it. I got so paranoid and started with my research. And this was what i found- There are studies to prove that Hashmi is safe. Hashmi makes a powder eyeliner which consists of 50% lead sulfide( the less poisonous form of lead) And the stick and cream presentations are made of amorphous carbon, which are safe to use on   your eyes. Phew!!! relief right. But im still not so happy about this.

 So i bought both the Kajal stick as well as the Kajal tube. 
 About Hashmi Kajal Tube:

You wont understand anything because its all in arabic. The colour is a intense black,  looks pretty good when you use it initially ,unfortunately within no time it begins to smudge . It costs Rs.40/-  Got it for Rs.34/- on Urban Touch. This is what it looks like with one swipe on my hand.   Application is easy, it comes with a probe as u can see in the image above.

About The Kajal Stick: 

I did not like it, its dry and rough and hurts the eyes. Again costs Rs.40/- too. The colour is not all that dark. I prefer the tube to the stick. This is the swatch of the kajal stick, the first line was with 2 swipes of the stick and the thick line was when i scribbled on my hand rubbing it around 10-12 times :P

To my personal Experience with Hashmi, I don't think its worth buying, If you really want to try it out, you can buy the tube.   And Yes, i somehow still have the fear of that little chance of lead being in the kajal. I dont want to be a victim of lead poisoning.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Corallista 1st Anniversary Giveaway

Hey Everyone, This is a post to make you aware of this amazing blog owned by this beautiful woman called Ankita, Its called CORALLISTA, and Corallista is celebrating her First Birthday and has a giveaway for you beautiful women, Here's a sneak peek of what's in store for you.

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