Monday, 19 December 2011

Body Polishing made easy

Im just gonna quit on explaining how important our skin is and how we should take care of it. Well we all are aware of it, since we read it over and over again everywhere we go and in every product we use :P
So, lets start with the stuff we will need to get our body polished:
1. Pumice stone or a loofah
2. Oils like coconut/olive
3.Exfoliating scrubs like sugar/salt
4.You can use skin polishing kits that are available in the market/ shea butter/choco butter/jojoba butter.
EXFOLIATION: To start with moisten your body with warm water and apply your favorite body scrub
 ( you can use any face scrub or home made scrubs like powdered oats, sandal paste etc) rub every area in circular motion.
For acne on back, arms and legs you can use fruit peels or packs with retino. Keep moisturising skin and avoid getting exposed to sunlight.
After 20-25 minutes you can take a warm shower and massage your body with olive/coconut oil. With the help of a towel warm and steam your body. You can continue with salt or sugar scrub. This completes the exfoliation process.

SKIN POLISHERS: Home made body polish is a cheap and easy solution. Fresh strawberries mixed in vitamin E oil can be an excellent polisher. Polishing can start right after exfoliation.
Brown sugar, Dry Orange peel powder, almond oil can also be another polish.
Voila Your'e done.

Mix Brown Sugar and Jojoba Oil ( Polisher):  Add 1 cup brown sugar/finely ground sea salt, 1/2 cup jojoba oil, 1 tablespoon orange essential  oil, 4-5 capsules vitamin E to a glass bowl. You can also use a little of your body wash to this mixture.
 Scrub in circular motion. Rinse and apply moisturiser.

Baking soda and Aloe Vera scrub( Exfoliatant): Baking soda is a exfoliatant. It also softens skin. Helps in preventing acne and body odour. It is a wonder ingredient in the bathroom.
Add 2 tbsp of baking soda to a bowl with some pure aloe vera gel.
Baking soda can be used everyday with or without aloe vera.
Baking soda with honey makes a good face scrub. Mix 1 tsp of honey with 1/4 tsp of baking soda. scrub with circular movement and wash with warm water. If you have sensitive skin just use honey, it traps moisture and leaves your skin cleansed but not dried out.

Coffee Scrub:
Ground coffee ( nice lil pieces-not powdered), Sea salt, and any herbal oil that you own. Mix and scrub scrub scrub..

Oatmeal Scrub:
Mix 2 heaping tbsp of oatmeal with 1 tsp of baking soda, add enough water to make a sticky paste, scrub and rinse off with warm water.

Happy Scrubbing :)

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Indian websites for online make-up/ cosmetics shopping

 Hello Beautiful People :) I know life's so much better with all these websites to shop make up from on the internet, just wondering if you are aware of the existence of all of them. I for one am so very lazy to make a trip to buy my stuff for the sole reason that all my beauty shops are at different locations and travelling to get them tends to be really expensive. And its much easier to shop for websites because its much more cheaper and well whew!!! you just save a helluva big amount on travel because shipping is dirt cheap, or even better- its FREE :P So, I'm going to post all the website links i'm aware of and if i'm missing out on any, please feel free to let me know about them.

                     I definitely rate this a number 1 and as a major priority website to anyone buying products online because of their amazing line of products, their customer support system, their speedy delivery. They charge a nominal amount of Rs.30/- as shipping if your shopping is below Rs.300/- Anything above that is  freely shipped. And here's my favorite part there's an option of CASH ON DELIVERY.

2 .        
                     Just came across this site a few days back. Had to write about them specially because i noticed that they have a slight better difference in discounts as compared to Urban Touch, I'm guessing its still a baby in this online shopping industry but its definitely growing fast. I noticed it a few months back but did not really bother as it did not have many products and i found those products on Urban Touch. But i shopped yesterday on this website because i noticed they had all that which Urban Touch didn't and i got really tired of requesting Urban touch to bring those products, so far it hasn't happened . Has FREE shipping and CASH ON DELIVERY. Its got some pretty high end products that UT doesn't have.

                       Haven't shopped here yet, but they do have a lot of brands, and free shipping above Rs.250/-  And they too have a Cash on delivery option. A lot of good brands again people like NYX which is one of my favorite.

                   They charge Rs.40/- for cash on delivery.  Not many brands in the website. But you might just find something you've been looking for which isn't available in another site.

                     They have brands like NYC, Rimmel , Sally Hansen, Jordana. Cash on Delivery is only above orders worth Rs.1500/-   Worth checking out their website just to know whats out there.

                     Apart from buying make up you can also have a good shopping experience of buying a lot of other stuff which you did not have in mind :) yes, you get good deals on lingerie which again i love buying. a lot of health care products, books, shades etc etc. Cash on delivery option and free shipping.

                      When it comes to make up the only brand you will find here is INGLOT which is rather expensive. I'd love to buy the make up and shoes that's available on this site only if i had the money :)

                       Good website. Cash on delivery available and free shipping above Rs.250/- Worth the shopping experience from the reviews I've read about them, though i've still not bought anything personally.

                       There's Fab India too for those who like their products, though i think you get them all on Urban touch. com. so no point coming here all the way. Well for those outside India. They have International shipping.

                          They just have natural skin care products which is just sooo not me. Divine, Tvam , Aura Vedic, Nourish body and bath, Last Forest enterprices , Ruby's herbal.

                            Here you can indulge in a lot of shopping provided you have a Debit/Credit card. There's no cash on delivery which sucks for me. 

                            I personally had a bad experience with them. Since i did not get my order in like what 3 months or something-- still waiting for it, if i only remember what i ordered!!!!. Plus they cancelled my orders like twice. But there are a lot of people who are happy with them. So Shop at your own risk. And yeah,, they charge Rs 100 for shipping and Rs.150/- for Cash on Delivery.

                            Tried shopping from them because they actually do have alot of good products, but at the end of it i gotta know that they didn't have Cash on delivery to my area :(  This website is definately worth visiting. 

                             Another amazing website to shop from, They have a cash on delivery option. Shipping is free above Rs.400/- good hair irons available on their website for within Rs.2000/-  Urban touch Has it above 3,000-4,000 Rs Range. 

                            Then there's ebay. You may get your hands on some oriflame products here.I dont usually shop from ebay , make-up looks a lil pricey to me on this site.

                            For those with Credit/Debit Cards and love International brands i suggest you quit buying them from India and start buying your products from here. They are much cheaper than buying it from India provided you have the patience to wait, it could take you around 2-4 weeks to get your hands on your products.

                          Straberrynet is another site for you make up lovers. Worth giving this site a glance.Just waiting for a cash on delivery option here. Shipping is free here :)

                        Here you would have to wait for deals to happen just like Fashion and You.

                         Just discovered this shop( if you're not aware) yea, i do update this list as new websites come into existense, this website has turned into a super favorite of mine, amazing deals and discounts, especially if you love Bourjois, NYX, and other high end brands. They do provide you with the option of COD, and shipping free above  Rs.250/-

                       This is again another website that has caught my eye, amazing brands like max factor,chambor, great discounts, COD and free shipping for orders Rs.350/- and above.

                      New year (2012) and i had to edit my blog because i found this and this could probably be the best gift to me,  The best discounts so far people, you have to check this site. I Think Im in Loveeee with this site.
        This was all i could think of. I hope you guys have a great shopping experience with the sites i suggested. A caution though, it tends to be a new addiction when all these products are at your reach. This comes from experience. I visit most of these websites everyday, actually several times a day.